Tuesday, November 17, 2009

last.fm Band Names

I've listened to last.fm on occasion, but I'd never signed up for an account. After creating a custom radio station today with The Beatles and Miranda Lee Richards, I decided to sign up so that I could save some of my preferences.

If you follow the "sign up for free" link off the main page, the sign up screen includes two words that you have to identify (as part of the ongoing book digitization project that is now beginning to annoy the shit out of me).

The first two words I saw were "14th Solidity." Immediately, I recognized what was important here: band names.

Here are the first ten sets I saw:
For Cruder
Pimplier 62-61
$300 Tenet
Altered 86
Astride Sedgwick
Greened 42,495
County Plumbers
He Superior
Chicago Cheerily
Mainland Issues

Astride Sedgwick, in particular, is a favorite.

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