Thursday, November 19, 2009

Travel Notes, Now With 100% More Dinosaurs

For some reason, my motivation has sunk to almost zero, and I feel sluggish and depressed.

We must be going to Shreveport soon.

Since we're leaving Saturday morning and returning Tuesday afternoon, I won't have access to e-mail for a few days. I do hope to have some "pre-recorded" posts that will go up in my absence, plus the possibility of a few bonus despair posts during the trip itself.

I did at least consider establishing a Twitter feed so that I could post live updates from Shreveport, but I'm just asking for trouble if I did that. That's really the only situation I could ever see something good coming from me posting on Twitter, so in answer to your e-mails, don't ever expect me on Twitter.

If "Twit" ever gets big, though, expect me on that. Right away.

We're going to see Walking With Dinosaurs tonight, and in spite of my travel depression, I'm still pretty amped up to see how Eli 8.3 will react.

Okay, that was a fib, or maybe a half-truth. I am looking forward to seeing his reaction, but I want to see the dinosaurs, too.

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