Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Shortest Console Post Of The Week

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous sent this in after last week's console post:
I buy PS3s from Sony for my company and work pretty closely with them.

Sony has told us for the past 60 days that their hardware shortages have been due to a scarcity of hard disk drives of the proper spec for their machines. I expect that the explosion of laptop and netbook sales might be a contributor.

Sony's laptop sales were very strong last quarter, so this is certainly possible. Regardless, this is what Sony is telling their customers.

Oh, and one more note: Nintendo announced some very interesting nuggets this week, and since Chris Kohler always has terrific coverage of these events, I'm linking to him.
Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 in May, Metroid: Other M in June
SMG2 is May 23, to be exact. And I was quite surprised to find out the game isn't coming out this fall, which makes me wonder what they'll be showcasing. More:
Hands On: The Many Layers Of Metroid: Other M
Hands On: Diggin’ Holes, Ridin’ Yoshis in Mario Galaxy 2

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