Tuesday, March 09, 2010


After my post and video a few weeks ago about the plane flying into the building in Austin, Lance e-mailed me and said that I was his new source for breaking news, which made me laugh. Then he sent me this follow-up:
Quick tale from Lunch:

I met my wife for lunch. While eating she asked if I saw or read anything about the news of the Tiger Woods Press conference. I quickly pulled out my trusty phone and check my latest news feed.
"No", I said. "The DQ didn't cover it so obviously it's not news or worth my time."
She looked at me a bit confused.
"Dubious Quality news networks (The DQNN), didn't think it was new worthy. But you should see the report I read there last night about a neighborhood barking dog and the it's effects on the local economy and home renovations."
A after a quick roll of her eyes, and a "Nevermind." I was saved from spending my lunch talking about Golfer Infidelity.

So thank you DQNN.

I'm a few weeks late, but I can give you a one-word summary of that Tiger Woods "press conference": awkward.

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