Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Eli 8.6

Eli 8.6 has a new "high five" routine.

"Up high," he says. "Down low. Through the hole." No matter how fast you try to put your finger through the circle he makes, he'll laugh and say "Too slow!" Then he says, "Break the pickle," and when you pull his fingers apart, he shouts "Tickle!"

I'm sure this is part of some standard protocol for eight-year-olds that is entirely secret to adults. Another standard bit of protocol: "The jinx machine is out of order. Come again, and pay a quarter."

Last night, after we ate dinner, he was looking around for desert. He opened the pantry and said, "Do we have anything I can put frosting on?"

He also enjoys singing the Bon Jovi song "Livin' On A Prairie." Gloria has chronic lyricosis, so I'm assuming he inherited it from her.

We were watching hockey before the Olympics (a Sunday NBC game), and he saw someone holding up a sign in the stands: "Dad, look! It says N-B-C--Nobody Beats Capitals. That's genius!"

On Saturday, we went for a ride on a park course in Pflugerville, then drove to downtown Austin because Eli wanted to see the UT women play an exhibition match against a team from Monterrey, Mexico. We had lunch after we rode, and there were a few time checkpoints we needed to hit to get to the game on time, so when we got on the highway heading toward town, Eli asked me what time it was.

We were five minutes ahead of schedule.

"Yes!" he shouted. "Take that, world! Nothing will stop us from getting to this game on time!"

"Except for a wreck or something on the interstate," I said. "Sometimes traffic is really bad on the weekend."

He was quiet for a few seconds.

"Let me take that back, world!" he said.

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