Wednesday, June 23, 2010

E3: The Positive Post

Let's talk about all the good things from E3.

Seriously. I thought I'd try to do a post without hammering all the stuipd things that happened at E3.

--The 3DS looks like a terrific piece of hardware, with a tremendous software lineup.

--persuading Valve to release Portal 2 on the PS3 with integrated Steamworks was a big get.

--The $100 Xbox Live Family Plan is a good idea. Of course, that's to promote Kinect, which is selling for $150 with no f-ing pack-in game. WTF are you thinking, Microsoft? Damn!


-- the coolest new game, for me, was Rock Of Ages.  That link takes you to the trailer, which is incredibly striking, and it's being published by Atlus. Here's another preview from Game|Life, and "Monty Python" seems to be mentioned frequently in articles about the game, which can't be anything but a good sign.

-- Kirby's Epic Yarn is absolutely spectacular.

--also very interesting was Lost In Shadow, a Wii game using light and shadows in intriguing ways.

-- Epic Mickey, Warren Spector's new game for Disney, looks terrific.   

-- like Bill Abner said, EA Sports had an incredibly strong show. Even the NCAA demo is leagues above the "F" and "D" games of the last two years. It looks like EA may have finally understood that when trying to make a game for a sport, the game should resemble that sport. Kudos.

-- Rock Band 3, by all accounts, was superb. As much as I enjoy playing sports games, I'm looking forward to playing this game (and learning how to play guitar) much, much more.

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