Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from Chris Meyer, one of the most gripping stories I've ever read. It's Raising The Dead, and it's absolutely riveting.

Next up, a fantastic story about Billy Ray Bates, and NBA player who became a true legend in the Philippines. It's both exuberant and tremendously poignant, and the videos are spectacular.
From DQ reader My Wife, it's paper stop-motion Mario.

Here's an excellent story from Chris Meyer: How Henry Ford And Thomas Edison Killed The Electric Car.

Here's the latest installment of Matt Sakey's always entertaining Culture Clash column. This month, it's The Back Of The Centipede.

From Larry, and this is entirely brilliant, a stop-motion LEGO surf film titled LINO.

From Clayton Lee, a very witty music video from The Bedroom Philosopher titled Northcote.

Julian Bell sent me a classic news article: Student's Bizarre Attack On Hell's Angels. The lead:
A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria when he 'mooned' a group of Hell's Angels, hurled a puppy at them and then escaped on a bulldozer.

From Joe Beidelschies, it's a fully-functioning LEGO sniper rifle. Fortunately, it only shoots LEGO bricks.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, elves and sprites photographed for the first time (that's the space version, not the Tolkien version). Plus Earth and the Moon are younger than we previously thought. And one more: a Soyuz spacecraft landing, caught on film.

From Brad Ruminer, a link to hands-on impressions of the Eigenharp Alpha and Pico, two of the most unique musical instruments I've ever seen.

From Sirius, and no, this isn't a story about students from unnamed college university students, it's Teenager Passes Out Marrying Cow He Had Sex With. Also, a fascinating article about the flock dynamics of starlings. Next, an explanation for how butterfly wings get their color.

From Mr. Fritz, a spectacular image of the launch plume of space shuttle Atlantis.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine (now with corporate headquarters in Seattle), it's a commercial for Butt Drugs.

From Frank Regan, it's monster chess with supersized LEGO robots.

From Josh Eaves, and this is quite amazing, it's a gigantic mayfly hatch caught on radar.

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