Friday, June 18, 2010

Rare Friday Note

I remember almost buying a product called "TrackIR" years ago. It provided head-tracking functionality in PC games (if they were supported). I never wound up getting it, though, due primarily to laziness (always a good guess with me).

Grass grew. Tall grass.
I had no idea that the company making TrackIR was even still in business, but after that note I put up yesterday about head tracking in a game like Oblivion, I was bombarded with e-mail letting me know that TrackIR is both still alive and works very well.

Basically, your head movements are substantially amplified to affect the game view, and this amplification is adjustable (see an explanation of how it works here).

No, there are no kitty petting simulators or mime certification tests available, but it does support over 100 titles (mostly focused on flight sim/driving games, although a few FPS are supported). It's all very impressive, and here's the website: TrackIR.

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