Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Links!

It's a sandwich in a can--it's a Candwich!

Russ Pitts, who is a hell of a writer, has a sprawling interview with Warren Spector in this week's issue of The Escapist.

From Tim Steffes, it's The Khan Academy, a remarkable series of hundreds of lectures by just one man.

Here's the new installment of Matt Sakey's excellent Culture Clash column, and it's about Alpha Protocol (among other things).

From Ron Watkins, and this is the greatest series of articles written about a sports sim I've ever seen, it's one users experience with Football Manager 2009: the saga of Pro Vercelli.

From Cliff Eyler, a fascinating article about Germany's fascination with board games.

From Cody, a video that explains how last week's Mario in the real world video was created.

From Andrew B, a very satisfying video of greed going unrewarded: iPhone shopping goes wrong.

From Sirius, an article about the complexities of managing wind power generation with our existing power grid.

From Ed Quinn, an oddly affecting video of a Holocaust survivor and his family dancing at concentration camps.

From Kevin W, an odd piece of art (but very funny--watch the video): Disgusting Switches. Also, and this is an entirely brilliant idea, it's Crap At My Parents House.

From George Paci, a car crash--with zombies

From John Lewkowitz, an interview with Billy West (called "the new Mel Blanc"): The Many (Cartoon) Voices In His Head.

From Tateru Nino, and you have to see this video, it's the mimic octopus. Also, a new physics simulation engine called Lagao Multiphysics that looks quite fantastic. 

From Jonathan Arnold, magnetic resonance imaging--of foods

From Meg McReynolds, and this is brilliant, it's Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company.

From Brad Ruminer, and this is quite amazing: a robotic wheelchair. Here're more (thanks Steve Davis): REX robotic exoskeleton.

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