Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pure Sim 3 Released

Well, this is unexpected good news. Shaun Sullivan's Pure Sim 3, the latest version of my favorite baseball text-sim, was released today by Wolverine Studios. There are 75+ new features/enhancements, but here are a few of the big-ticket items:
--TRU-Life Transaction Mode. Think you can do better than your favorite manager? Try Tru-Life Transactions mode, where player transactions happen just as they did in real life! All seasons from 1946-2009 are supported. You'll have to manage with the cards you are dealt.

--Manager Tendencies Editor. On each team's menu there is now an option to edit manager tendencies based on the situation, such as inning score etc. Over 200 tendencies can be editd.

--All MLB Managers since 1900 have been modeled and automatically import onto the correct teams as your association seasons unfold.

--2 unique career modes available when doing historical replays:

1. TRU-Life - Super accurate modeling of player performance based on real world stats. The most accurate career replay simulation on the market.
2. Organic - Upon import, real players are assigned ratings and career trajectory models based on their real world performance, but from there things are 100% ratings based and organic. Interesting mode if you'd like to have a more varied range of possibilities.

If you want to see the full list, it's here.

This has always been my favorite text-sim because Shaun has made the engine so transparent. Almost every variable in the engine can be user-adjusted, and I think that approach has made a major contribution to the robustness of the game over time.

Here's a link to the game's website: PureSim Baseball 3.

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