Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brian Wood

I've had a mental block about mentioning this story, because it is so painful in so many ways.

Brian Wood, the lead designer of Company of Heroes Online, was killed on September 3 when the car he was driving was hit by an idiotic asshole who will probably be spending the rest of her life in prison.

What makes this story remarkable instead of simply tragic is that Wood managed to turn his car so that he faced the brunt of the collision, not his pregnant wife. That saved her life.

I can't imagine being such a bad ass that my head was clear enough to execute that decision under pressure. If anyone ever took a final exam on what it means to be human and passed it with flying colors, it was Brian Wood.

A memorial trust has been established to help Brian's wife Erin and their baby. Here's the website: The Brian Wood Memorial Trust.

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