Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mini-Console Post of the Week: Kinect

Based on my e-mail, I think I underestimated Kinect.

Generally, the impressions you've collectively sent me have been positive. Kinect is clearly not quite fully-baked, you've said, but even so, you're having a good time. Even with not-great games, it's still fun.

I trust you guys, and I think your impressions are a very positive sign for the future of the hardware.

There's one exception: those of you who have had problems with calibration, or keeping the system calibrated. Your impressions read something like this: $*$&#*#*(@!

It's about a 90/10 split, though, which is impressive.

I still don't know if Kinect is going to sell much hardware in the early stages of its lifetime, but it does seem that it will at least have a lifetime.

By the way, I saw an interesting article with some clever suggestions for people with small children and space issues: Kinect and your kids: What works, what won't.

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