Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Links!

Lots of links (maybe the most ever) to keep you busy while I go under the knife. Please read to the end to see the links from Michael M. concerning the situation in Japan.

This is potentially quite exciting for the future of all kinds of things: Graphene Transistors Self-Cool.

From Sirius, an amusing set of images: Gallery: Microscopic Art Hides Inside Computer Chips. Also, and this is very cool, it's Underwater Sculptures Give Sea Creatures a Haunting New Habitat. Next, it's T-Rex's cousin found in China.

From Jim, and this is absolutely amazing: a robotic bird.

From Steve Nygard, and you obviously have to watch this: The Atomic Trucker: How a Truck Driver "Rebuilt" the Atomic Bomb. And it's not fiction, in case you're wondering.

From Jeremy Fischer, a very clever bit of fun: petite lap giraffes.

From DQ Fitness Advisor Doug Walsh, an incredible BMX move (landed for the first time) called, simply, the Special Flip.

From Robb (via Game|Life), a video that's, well, insane: How to Beat Every Mario Game — Simultaneously.

From Cody Sharp, and this is both both terribly sad and disturbing, so please be forewarned: Chernobyl Legacy.

From Glen Haag (sorry about the labrum, man), a link to an excellent documentary on one of my favorite software companies: The Secret History of Volition.

Here's an interesting and strange article (and I swear, our cat Gracie has "Jumping Frenchman of Maine" syndrome: 5 real-life conditions that sound like hoaxes.

From Sebastian Mankowski, and this is every bit as funny as 3eanuts: Garfield Minus Garfield.

From Mark Bryant, and this is awesome (although often overloaded, because so many other people think it's awesome as well): the Decorah Eagles from atop their tree at the fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. Babies hatching shortly.

These commercials are ridiculously funny (and I don't even know why, but they are): panda cheese.

This is strange and interesting: Craniofacial Features Have Become Less Distinct Since 16th Century.

From Francis Cermak, and this is completely amazing: One-of-a-kind Tron light cycle board game.

Lastly, and the only reason this is only last is because of the number of links, a tremendous amount of information from our Japanese correspondent Michael M. on the situation in Japan following the quake.
--a BBC documentary on the Japanese nuclear industry: Nuclear Ginza: Japan’s secret at-risk labor force and the Fukushima disaster.
--very poignant e-mail exchanges: Letters From Fukushima: Tepco Worker Emails.
--issues with government bureacracy: Bureaucratic Hurdles Hinder Distribution of Vital Aid Supplies.
--interview with Takashi Uesugi, a journalist who TEPCO "loves to hate".
--warning: these images are painful to view. images from Sendai.

Now, a few organizations that are helping:
-- Global Giving
-- Foreign Volunteers Japan
-- Peace Boat

Finally, and if you only read one link this week, it should be this one: the story of a Japanese man who has completely redefined the meaning of the word "badass". His name is Hideaki Akaiwa, and you'll agree with me after you read this story.

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