Thursday, April 07, 2011


It's a light writing day today, as I fill out about a million online forms for surgery tomorrow (2 CST--no webcast available), but I do have a few notes, and tomorrow's Friday Links post is huge.

First, I saw that back in the day, the Pope called Elizabeth Taylor's film roles "erotic vagrancy." I don't think there's ever been a better name for a band. Actually, maybe that's not true, because when we had a band contest name back in 2007, Brent Pedersen won with "Improper Pontiff." That was genius.

Next, and this is quite ironic, a very good friend of mine gave me Tiger Woods 12 for the 360 for my birthday. And, believe it or not, before even opening up the game (doing it shortly), I have this overwhelming urge to buy all the DLC courses. There's Completionist Disease in its finest form, isn't it? And I have this urge even though I know it's incredibly unlikely that I'll put any serious time into the game, because I'll see a dealbreaker in the first two hours (99% guaranteed).

Lastly, a book recommendation. If you're into rock music, then you will enjoy Is This the Real Life?: The Untold Story of Queen. It's a highly readable and highly detailed history of the band, both in personal and technical terms. It was particularly fascinating to read about the hisory of Brian May's guitar, which was built by himself and his father when May was a teenager. He still plays it today, and the details are fascinating.

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