Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a tremendous, fascinating article about blurring reality: The Prospect: Montaous Walton Just Wanted To Play Ball, So He Made Up a Fake Online Persona, Fooled the Media, Signed With An Agent, And Ended Up In Handcuffs. What a story.

The Edwin Garcia Links Machine is hitting hard and often this week. First, and this is incredible, it's Inside of an atom snapped. Next, and this is wonderful in every conceivable way, it's 'Hairdo archaeologist' solves ancient fashion mystery. This one is mind-blowing: Mad Genius Buys Volcano, Transforms It Into Naked-Eye Observatory. 3-D printing is an incredibly disruptive technology (in a good way), and here's more proof: Open-Source House Building.

From Steven Davis, and this is quite a piece of work: The Beetle Sphere: An Actual 1953 VW Beetle Formed into a Perfect Sphere by Ichwan Noor.

From Griffin Cheng, and this is terrific: The Feynman File: His daughter's archive offers a wormhole into the secret life of a charismatic physicist. Next, and this is stunning: Smile, hydrogen atom, you're on quantum camera.

From Sirius, and this is amazing: Stanford's flying fish glider bests ordinary jumping robots.

From Tim Lesnick, and this is hilarious: O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics (Animated).

From hippo, and this is fantastic: Imaging Breakthrough: See Atomic Bonds Before and After Molecular Reaction.

From Chris Pencis, and this is both riveting and very hard to watch: Cutthroat: Clint Malarchuk's long recovery from the gruesome NHL injury that almost took his life.

From Brian Witte, and this is outstanding: Maori legend of man-eating bird is true.

From DQ Fitness Advisor Doug Walsh, and these are tremendous: Incredible Self Portraits by 14-Year-Old Photographer.

From Frank Regan, and this is a riveting, inspirational story: Robert Smalls, the Slave Who Sailed Himself to Freedom.

From Gridiron Solitaire Lead (and sole) Artist Fredrik Skarstedt, an absolutely stunning story about how prairie dogs communicate: Researcher decodes prairie dog language, discovers they've been talking about us.

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