Thursday, January 01, 2015

Why hasn't someone done this game?

I look through a huge list of games coming in 2015, but there's one game I didn't see: a rogue-like based in the Interstate 76 or Mad Max worlds.

Why not?

The dungeon rogue has been done to death now. There are a truckload of outdoor survival games in the pipeline. But there is no car-based survival game.

It doesn't need to be in first person. Third person works fine.

How can this not be in development somewhere?

Also, if you look through that giant list of games (Thanks, RPS), one game in particular caught my eye: FAR Colony. Here's the description:
Split into two phases, this hard sci-fi RTS is about managing humanity’s first space colony. To begin with you’ll need to pick a landing site and start to set your colony up. This lasts one year of in-game time, at the end of which you’re given a score that governs the difficulty in the simulation-strategy second half. Keeping the colony functioning is then a sandbox, with random events keeping things interesting.

That's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

There are an absolute metric ton of interesting games coming out this year, and if you scan through that massive list, you will find dozens to get excited about..

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