Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Quadrilateral Cowboy

I had an odd reaction to this one.

I love Brendan Chung's games, and the worlds he creates. They're unique and incredibly charming. He looks at the world sideways, which seems the correct way to look at it nowadays (maybe it's always been the correct way).

Having said that, though, I bounced off Quadrilateral Cowboy hard and haven't gone back to it yet, even though I think I will.

Hacking. Heists. It all sounds thrilling. What I found thrilling, though, was all the detail in unimportant things. The hacker base has all kinds of absolutely unimportant details that are entirely wonderful and unique.

There's something very organic and real about the gameworld that I don't find in the gameplay, unfortunately.

Plus, it's relatively short, although it appears that more content is being added.

That's why I hadn't posted impressions. I think my current play time is less than two hours, and I wanted to wait until I had done more before I wrote anything. But not feeling compelled to play more is, in itself, an impression.

I still recommend this, curiously enough. I'm sure there's something there, something else, that I just haven't found yet.

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