Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Links!

This is a long and absolutely tremendous read, in addition to being a remarkable piece of investigative journalism: FRAMED: She was the PTA Mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her?

This is a fascinating read, but be warned, it's a 9/11 story and it's difficult: The Falling Man An unforgettable story.

And one more: 'Freaks on the peaks': the lonely lives of the last remaining forest fire lookouts.

From C. Lee, and this is quite an excellent rabbit hole: Can Japanese speakers really read Chinese? It depends on what you mean by ‘read’.

Colin S. sent this in, and it's hilarious: The Unnamable Unimaginable Thing In My Basement. And here's one more: Epiphany Continuum Sketch. Good grief, these guys are very, very funny: Burnistoun's Got Talent. The show is called "Burnistoun", and it's on BBC.

From Steven Davis, and man, this is disgraceful: Sugar industry secretly paid for favorable Harvard research. Next, and boy, this is so enjoyable: Bugs Bunny - The Origins of an American Icon. This is utterly fascinating: The Secret World of Foley.

From Wally, and this sounds like a dream: Meet Earl, the Gatekeeper to Paradise. This is absolutely astonishing: Worlds First Flat-Pack Truck. Interesting and overdue: Science makes first study of know-it-all internet commenters. This sounds like fun: House on the Rock Could Be the Oddest Place in the World. This is a worthwhile award: Carbuncle Cup: London luxury tower crowned UK's worst building. Next, and this is bizarre: Microbial matter comes out of the dark. This is remarkably thoughtful and revealing: How To Be Perfectly Unhappy. I'd never even heard of this, but it's a good read: Russia's Pearl Harbor: The Battle of Port Arthur.

From Chris Meadowcraft, and this will blow your mind: Researchers prototype system for reading closed books: New method identifies letters printed on first 9 pages of a stack.

From Phil, and this answers some questions: After Edward Snowden Fled U.S., Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong Took Him In.

From Chris Pencis, and this is just ridiculously funny: Yma Dream.

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