Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Well, This is Something

Here's a long article about Star Citizen:The 24-Year Feud That Has Dogged Star Citizen.

It's quite stunning, really, because of this e-mail exchange: Customer Support.

There are so many emails that I'm not going to quote them, although you can read them all at the link. I will say, though, as someone who has actually been in Customer Service at the managerial level, that I have never seen a more staggeringly unprofessional manner. It's incredible that a company, let alone a company that has gathered over 115 million dollars in funding from its backers, could ever act in this way.

So let me say this: Star Citizen is never going to be anything but a high concept train wreck. Why do I say this? Because the Customer Service emails indicate a company that is so out of control, so clueless, that it indicates severe and terminal difficulties behind the scenes.

Those are not the kinds of emails healthy companies send.

Even if I didn't know about all the other problems (which many other people have analyzed in depth), this would be a gigantic, flaming red flag.

Hey, I still hope I'm wrong. I'd like nothing more than to play The Game To End All Games™.

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