Thursday, November 24, 2016


First off, on this Thanksgiving, I appreciate that you guys have read whatever I write for so many years. When Eli 16.0 rolls out this summer, I'll have been writing for fifteen years.

I know that has to end, eventually, but not now.

I didn't post yesterday because we drove to Detroit in the rain (2+ hours), Eli 15.4 had a goalie lesson, and we drove back in the rain and much worse traffic (2+ hours). I can normally do that just fine, but when we finally got home, I was fried.

Since Black Friday is tomorrow, let's talk about 4K televisions.

I've wanted a 4K OLED television since the first day they came out. Actually, since the day they were even mentioned as a possibility.

They were staggering expensive, obviously, but eventually, they'd come down.

Everyone has a different price range that's acceptable to them when it comes to televisions. For me, it's about $2000. That may be higher than quite a few of you, but I still remember the days when the first 480p plasmas cost $10,000.

In the last two months, the prices on OLEDs has plummeted.

Now, the 55" model I was waiting on has dropped all the way to $1799. That's basically free, as far as I'm concerned, to get the best television ever made. It's ridiculous.

I still haven't bought one.

Why? For once, the lack of content is a stopping point for me. Even though a huge number of 4K LCDs have been sold (and quite a few 4K OLEDs as well), the amount of 4K content is very, very low.

Worse, there's essentially zero sports in 4k right now. That would be a huge driver for me to upgrade, and it's just not available yet.

4K in hockey? I'd upgrade tomorrow.

We have a Panasonic VT50 plasma, which was one of the best plasmas ever made, so it's not like I'm suffering. I had it repaired once, and probably wouldn't do it again, but for now, it's good.

Once the upgrade bug bites you, though, the itch is constant.

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