Monday, December 05, 2016

Learner's Permits

I was hoping for a Fisher-Price My First Snowstorm© as an introduction to winter driving.

This is the mildest fall/early winter that anyone can remember in Grand Rapids. Amazing, really. We played tennis outdoors last week.

Last week, looking at the St. Louis forecast (games there last weekend), it looked like there might be a bit of rain, but no snow.

Because of that, I couldn't decide whether I should go ahead and get snow tires put on Gloria's car, or wait for another couple of weeks. To be on the safe side, though, I went ahead and had them put on last week.

Here's what happened:

A seven-hour drive home from St. Louis turned into a ten-hour drive instead, with snow for about seven of those ten hours. Very heavy, in places, and very icy at times as well.

Twice, jackwagons blew past us at 70 mph, then skidded off the road into ditches within 30 seconds. One took out a fence.

The total ditch count for the drive was twelve.

We were not one of them. Snow tires are the best thing.

Since we survived, this turned out to be some very good training for driving in harsh winter conditions.

Still, I'd like to have last week's weather back, please.

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