Thursday, December 15, 2016

'Tis The Season To Be Grouchy

Man, this is just crap:

Fast Pass for Santa? So your kid is not willing to wait in line for fifteen minutes to sit on the lap of the man who delivers ALL THE TOYS IN THE WORLD. 

I know, it's the parents. It's still awful. Is there anything left in this country where people are treated the same no matter how much money they have?

In better news, look what I found today:

I loved Hot Tamales candy as a kid, but if it came in its own slick lunchbox, I would have lost my mind. I still might.

So here's what traffic lights look like when it's 15F outside and the wind is blowing 40MPH:

That dark sky in the background? That sky is not your friend.

In family news, we discovered last night that George has a bit of kangaroo in him. A fat kangaroo.

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