Thursday, February 06, 2020

An Observational Post, Not A Political One

I'm kind of straddling the line here, but it's an interesting topic to discuss. The UK, not the US (please feel free to breathe a huge sigh of relief).

Given the UK's exit from the EU, and the government's apparently total lack of understanding about how trade agreements are negotiated, it made me wonder about the future.

How long does a world composed of (increasingly) entirely selfish actors survive without serious conflict? Along with the selfishness comes isolation, because coming to trade agreements when there is no consideration for the other party is almost impossible.

The UK seems to think they have leverage in trade negotiations with the EU. Hahahahahahahah.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

What they've actually done is given up all the leverage they had in the EU for no leverage at all in the trade negotiations. It doesn't seem like that will end well.

Of course, there's a strongly racist component of Brexit, just like the conservative movement in the US. In general, there's a large share of the population of each country where being racist isn't even considered dishonorable anymore.

It makes me wonder where all this leads, because it doesn't seem like it will lead to anything good.

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