Wednesday, February 05, 2020


Boy, some awesome stuff this week.

First off, the last act of Kentucky Route Zero has been released. Even before this final act, the game was my favorite adventure game of all time, and a top ten (or five) game of the last 40 years for me (damn, that's a long time).

I'm actually waiting to play the final chapter for about a week because I am impossibly busy, but I am really, really looking forward to it.

Next, I loved the King's Bounty series (made by the same team that made Space Rangers 2). Yesterday, there was a new preview for King's Bounty 2 on RPS: Oh huh, King's Bounty 2 looks more like a modern RPG than I'd expected.

I've spent hundreds of hours playing Space Rangers 2, then all the King's Bounty games, so I can't wait for this, and it's coming out this year (anywhere from July to September, according to the article).

Finally, the Trese brothers announced their new game: The Trese Brothers dish details on Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, their new cyberpunk RPG. The only developer more dedicated to improving their games is Tarn, because they put out weekly content additions for almost two years after they release. They've done that with Star Traders: Frontiers, and it's unbelievably good.

These guys are one of my favorite developers, because design interesting, dense games. They put up a Kickstarter with a goal of 50K to help them finish the game, and it already hit 66K on the first day. That's what their community thinks of them.

Early access in March 2021 is the target.

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