Monday, February 03, 2020

Saturday, In Which Someone In Our Family Finds Out He's Going To Geneva (Hint: It's Not Me)

He got it!

Eli 18.6 emailed us on Saturday morning about 10 a.m. and promptly went back to sleep. All he sent was the acceptance e-mail. Then he called two hours later.

No pulse on that kid.

I'm pretty sure I misunderstood what this program actually is, because the U.N. internship is apparently only one of several possible things. What is entirely correct is that he will be studying international politics/relations, will be at both the U.N. and the EU over the course of the six weeks, and will be staying with a local family in Geneva.

It sounds pretty fantastic. No, wait--it sounds totally fantastic.

Plus, he will make a ton of great contacts, because that's just what he does. People like him and want to help him whenever they can, which is one of the best qualities anyone can have because it  leads to so many opportunities.

So it was a very, very happy Saturday around our house. And Sunday. Still happy today.

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