Thursday, December 10, 2020

And Yet Delicious (#1 in an unlikely series)

I'm figuring out some food stuff now. 

My process is sophisticated. I figure out what I need to eat, then dump it all together in a bowl and see if it tastes good. Adjust as necessary.

This often leads to disaster, but there have been some unexpected discoveries. 

For example, this "recipe":
--slice a large avocado (I like the cross-hatch technique, because you wind up with smaller pieces)
--put the avocado at the bottom of a bowl
--sprinkle sea salt on the avocado (it makes the smooth flavor of the avocado more interesting)
--put about half a pint of blueberries on top of the avocado
--sweeten the blueberries (I use Truvia, which is zero calorie and very sweet, but sugar works fine)

Let the blueberries absorb the sweetener for a few minutes, then get out a spoon, mix it all together, and enjoy.

You'd think this would taste awful, but it doesn't. It's pretty great, actually. You have the smoothness of the avocado (heightened slightly by the sea salt), and then you have the blueberries, which have a brighter flavor.  

Plus, it's packed with all kinds of nutrients. Super healthy, takes less than five minutes to prepare, and tasty.

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