Wednesday, December 02, 2020

The Strange Street

I walked down the strange street today.

Unless you live in a gated community, you have a strange street. Some neighborhoods have more than one, but every neighborhood has a strange street. 

The strange street isn't dangerous. It's just strange.

It was 40 today and sunny (in Michigan in December, this qualifies as Jamaica), so I went for a long walk. I went west, which I normally don't do, and that's why I walked down the strange street.

If you're wondering if I've been down the strange street before, I have. It's the same street where I passed a house that had motor oil and cereal stacked high in a window, as if they were repelling a strange vampire who could only be warded off by 10W-40 and Cheerios. 

Today, there was another incident that could only happen on the strange street.

I passed a house that is fairly common here: two stories, but the first story has a visible roof. Something like this (not the actual house, but similar):

This house had a satellite dish (DISH network) on the lower roof. Three feet away from the first dish was--another dish.

I took a closer look.

One of the dishes was no longer hooked up. The identical dish beside it was.

As someone who is ruthlessly efficient precisely because I'm so lazy, I found this commitment to indifference highly impressive. 

What was even more impressive was that these dishes, because of their position on the lower roof, really stood out. Sore thumb level. 

Still, though, loosening those four mounting bolts and taking that extra dish down? Let's not get crazy here.

The strange street added to its reputation today. Respect. 

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