Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Why not 4D?

I was talking to DQ Renaissance Man John Harwood yesterday.

"I've actually been really impressed with how deeply Tarn has gotten into the graphical and interface makeover in the Dwarf Fortress Steam version," I said. "It's a long way from finished, but it's being handled really well."

"I don't need a 2D tileset for Dwarf Fortress," he said. "I just want the ASCII in 3D. That would look incredible. Why hasn't that happened?"

"Maybe because you're only one of five people in the entire would who would actually want that feature?"

He laughed. "It would solve all kinds of problems."

"I think that is the most obscure idea I've ever heard," I said.

Note: John will call me as soon as he reads this and say "I didn't say 'It would solve all kinds of problems.'" Which is true, because he said something far more interesting that I can't actually remember. 

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