Thursday, May 20, 2021


The last major draft of The Man You Trust will be finished on Monday. Or Tuesday.

This is in the 99% completion category. The final version will not vary by much, if at all.
[UPDATE: I have readers now. Thanks very much.}

I want a handful of readers to look at this draft and answer some questions about whether certain plot aspects are being communicated clearly. If you're interested, and you can read it within two weeks, please let me know.

Ben, you're #1 on this list, if you have time. 

This week has involved about 30 hours of editing in the last four days. It hasn't been pleasant, and it's also why posts have been so short.

However, Eli 19.10 has been more fortunate. On his way back from the Outer Banks, he did this at River Gorge National Park in West Virginia:

He also did this:

His girlfriend is in the harness with him (you can't really make out facial details, so posting the picture seems okay). She's awesome.

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