Thursday, June 03, 2021

A Realization

I realized something when I was at my little public golf course today.

I saw a man with his daughter, playing golf. That's great. But then I realized that it was one of the fathers who is constantly working with his daughter on the range, and she's one of the kids who wants to use golf as a way to get a college scholarship. 

Nothing wrong with that. 

What made me sad, though, is that every time I see a man playing golf with his daughter, it's that kind of situation. I've never seen one dad out playing golf with a daughter who just sucked at golf. 

I see dads out with sons who can't play golf all the time. They're just out there to spend time together. 

So it stands out when I've never seen a dad with a daughter who's bad at golf. Just out there, hacking around and enjoying each other's company. I hope I see something like that someday.

On another sad note that is much less important, I had a chance to be -4 after six holes on Tuesday and couldn't putt because I was kind of overwhelmed by the moment. I was having a real Twilight Zone episode as far as striking the ball, and I couldn't believe I could play that well, so I hit the ball like that for all nine holes and couldn't make a single putt. 

Next time, I'll be more likely to believe that it can happen. Golf is funny like that.

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