Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Level Up, Midwest

This (it's a restaurant's description from their web page):
...blends midwestern sensibilities and Tejano flair...

Well, that's a concern. 

In my five-year experience, those two qualities do not blend successfully. Ever. The worst qualities of Midwestern food (blandness) overwhelm the best qualities of Mexican food. 

As an example, this restaurant has the following taco description:
green chicken chorizo, chorizo, egg, hashbrown, queso fresco.

Those are all the right words, and many Mexican restaurants in the Midwest use the words for things that should taste good. 

Do they taste good? They do not. 

This restaurant is about a three-minute walk from my apartment, though, so as Charlie Brown, with Lucie smiling and holding the football in front of me, I set forth. 

I ordered one of the already mentioned tacos, as well as green chile rice and borracho beans. 

The rice and beans? Nope. Nope, nope, nope. 

The taco? Delicious. Totally worthy. And not too expensive, either. 

Let the extended celebrations begin!

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