Monday, June 07, 2021

On the Road with Eli 19.10

"Did you get the last text I sent you that said 'We just saw a bear. It was awesome.' ?"

"I did not," I said. 

"Good, because right after that, I lost signal and my phone ran out of battery. That was six hours ago."

Yeah, that would have been concerning. 

It was a black bear, about fifteen feet away, and it was very polite, apparently. It looked at them, then turned and walked off. No bear spray necessary.

Eli is on his way to Glacier National Park today, and he said the trip has been spectacular so far, although he owes me quite a few pictures he hasn't sent yet. However, here's what he did send:

Here's the obligatory Mount Rushmore shot, which they stopped at for a few minutes before heading off to Yellowstone (I think--their route in far off countries like "the Dakotas" seems very vague to me):

Mount Rushmore seems like the ultimate "check it off your list" stop. The Crazy Horse monument (still unfinished) has a much more interesting history (and man, is it larger). 

Ah, South Dakota. Never change.

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