Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Paper Beast Has Been Slain


Over 150 separate folds. Which is not very many, by origami standards. DQ Origami Expert Garret Alley filled me in on a few basics. In short, origami's complexity level is so staggeringly insane that I had absolutely no idea. Not a clue. 

This is modular origami with five pieces (four petals, one eye). And I didn't even fold it very well, but damn, that took a big chunk out of a week. And I'll tell you, it felt so satisfying when I actually made one that looked decent.

What I didn't understand about origami is that it has two levels of beauty that are very appealing. There's an external beauty from looking at the finished product, but there's also an internal beauty that only reveals itself as you learn to do all the folds. It's really stunning how these petals slide into the eye (using that one sorcerer's fold that I finally learned how to do). 

No origami for a while. I've had enough for now.

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