Thursday, September 23, 2021

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, something that will make your eyes leak a little: In the 2016 olympics, Flavia Oliveria ended the cycling race in 7th place. Even though that's the best placing that Brazil ever got, almost no one, not even from the Brazilian Cycling Confederation, appeared to celebrate the result with her... and then her cousin showed up.

From Jonathon Wood, and what a wonderful story: The Surprisingly Complicated History of the Frisbee. Also, and these are beautiful: The Winners of the 2021 Drone Photo Awards. These images are just stunning! Photos From The 1911 Expedition To Antarctica

From Wally, and here's your Badass of the Week: Turtle Chases Lions From His Waterhole. So obscure and so interesting: The Real Story Behind the Church’s Tradition of Blessing Throats

From C. Lee, and this is terrific: How to Analyze a Poem: a close reading of W.B. Yeats' poem "Lake Isle of Innisfree". After reading this thread (which is hilarious), I feel like I should be living in Ireland: Props to anyone who tries to be fashionable in Ireland. This is so incredibly touching: Husband’s cute breakfasts bring smiles to wife with Alzheimer’s. This is amazing: Incredible Never-Miss Auto-Aiming Bow Puts Robin Hood to Shame. Kale, I said! In the 1800s, This British Isle Was Covered in Groves of 12-Foot-Tall Kale

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