Monday, September 27, 2021

The Open Championship

It's tomorrow. 

Eighteen holes, match play, to the death. The format:
1-6 Regular golf. 
7-12 You can only use one club. This club cannot change from hole to hole. 
13-18 You can only use one club, which can't change from hole to hole. Your opponent gets to pick the club (no woods, putters, or wedges).

I have a yardage book that gives me partial shot distance for all clubs. And I've learned to putt left-handed with irons (surprisingly, if I putt this way and use the back of the iron instead of the front, I can roll the ball smoothly). 

Even better, the greens have been "punched", which is what they call it when they aerate the greens in preparation for winter. So there are hundreds of little holes on each green (not quite dime-sized) filled in with sand, which made putting an absolute adventure today, for sure. 

Eli 20.2 goes back to Ann Arbor on Wednesday, and we drive down there on Saturday to take him to the airport (and his girlfriend, who we're taking back to Ann Arbor afterwards). 

I thought I would be more upset about him being gone, but I'm not. I'm just really, really happy for him. The tiny guy (around 0.8 version) who stood in his mom's shoes with a huge smile on his face is going to Oxford. It's hard to believe. 

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