Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Eli 20.3 Makes His Flight

He made all his flights, actually. And he made it through customs. and he made it to Oxford, to the university, and to his dorm room. 

As hard as it is to believe, Eli 20.2 (who I started writing about when he was Eli 1.0, believe it or not) is at Oxford. 

It felt so strange the day after he left. I was having a totally normal day, and he was halfway across the world, and absolutely everything he was doing was brand new and so exciting.

I'd just seen him the day before! 

I'm hoping this will be as great an experience as everything else has been for him in his life. I told him before he left that while we've had so many adventures together, and keep having new ones, I was so happy that he gets to go have his own adventures now, ones I never had, and I get to hear all about them. 

I'll put up pictures when he sends them. 

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