Thursday, November 11, 2021

Friday Links!

This is a remarkable story: Pixar lamp and Mystique inspire novel approaches to shapeshifting materials

From Joshua Buergel, and it's amazing: This LEGO build will blow your mind

From David Gloier, and it's a fantastic read: Discovery of Pompeii slaves’ room sheds rare light on real Roman life

From Chris Meadowcraft, and these are beautiful photos: Photos of the Week: Goth Weekend, Dark Moon, Dead Sea

C. Lee, brilliant as always. First, and this doesn't sound good at all, it's Trash and Burn: Big brands' new plastic waste plan. Small badass of the week: 9-year-old unlocks her dad's phone with his face to call 911 as carbon monoxide filled her house. This is terrific: Sid Meier's Gettysburg! Nightmare fuel: Architect Says Billionaire's Dystopian Dorm Design Is a Dangerous Social and Psychological Experiment. This is entirely awesome: NASA Wants Your Help Improving Perseverance Rover’s AI.

From John W., and the skill level is ridiculous: The four-year-old footballer scouted by Arsenal while still at nursery

From Patrick Maura, and all I can say is brace yourself (it's really, really clever): Vank Walen - "Your Jumpin' Heart". This one is fantastic, too: James Hetfield and the News - "Hip to Be the Sandman"

From David H., and this is one tough-ass kid: Meet the 15-year-old blind quarterback hoping to reach the NFL.

From Wally, and this is excellent: What I Learned While Cataloguing an Entire Library of 19th-Century Schoolbooks. I feel like this shouldn't be possible? Vegan Haggises of Glasgow, Ranked. I think we've officially run out of ideas: Heinz Debuts ‘Marz Edition’ Ketchup Made With Tomatoes Grown in Mars-Like Conditions. Incredible painting technique: Dragon. This is a very happy way to end the week: A happy puppy with a big smile.

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