Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Mr. Perfect

I've learned two things about what I'm calling "death appointments," which are meetings you have to have with a bank, financial advisor, etc., to gain access to accounts and funds related to Gloria's estate. I've learned three things about these meetings:
1. Everything you think you're going to get done results in at least three additional things you have to do in order to get the first thing done. That secondary layer of three things to do can then result in nine things to do. Etc.
2. These meetings are absolutely soul-sucking. 
3. It helps to have something to root for. 

Let me explain #3.

In the meeting I had with the bank today, the person assisting me, who I'll call "Duke," liked to say the word "perfect." He said it so often that I started making little tick marks on my notepad, because it gave me something to root for, which made the situation marginally less unbearable.

How often would he say it in half an hour? What would his PPM(Perfect Per Minute) ratio be? Has anyone even done this before?

The end result: 33 perfects in 30 minutes, for a PPM ratio of 1.1. Stellar. 

The best part is that these came in bunches. He would say "perfect" three times in ten seconds, on occasion. 

It was a stupid little distraction, but a good one. 

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