Monday, November 08, 2021

The Hammer

The Hammer has been discussed in this space several times previously. 

Here's a text exchange with Eli 20.3 today (he's in italics):

You know that guy in the movies who cuts
hair at a million miles an hour, so you can
barely see his clippers, and then boom
perfect hair cut? Well, I just had a guy who 
THOUGHT he was that guy, but he indeed
was not. I have suffered from The Hammer
of hair stylists. 

Oh my god, I'm laughing so hard. The 
Hammer is everywhere, and you must
constantly be on guard.

And I suffered the consequences.

The Hammer [noun]
The Ham·​mer | \ ˈha-mər\

Definition of The Hammer
1  : a person who evaluates his performance
in a skill based solely on a secondary aspect
which is more immediately impressive but
ultimately less substantial.


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