Tuesday, December 21, 2021


"Dad, since I can't work out for a few days, we need to do a project." Eli 20.4 leaves no time unclaimed. 

"I'm in," I said, since this would be maybe the 500th project we've done together, and the other 499 have all been fun. 

"I have a few ideas," he said. "Number one: learn how to draw."

"Stop right there," I said. "I bought a book about how to draw a dragon when you were ten. I was going to make you a beautiful drawing of a dragon for Christmas. Before I got twenty pages into the book, you moved on from dragons."

"That's unfortunate."

"So I'm all in on learning how to draw. I want to be able to draw little cartoons and doodle."

In standard Eli process, he researched art books, found a good introductory text, and picked it up at Barnes and Noble. Plus a set of pencils. 

We sat on the couch and passed the book back and forth, making simple drawings. After doing a line drawing, he read from the book. "How do you like your own lines? If they are continuous and firm, they will be strong, definite--"

"Strong and definite. That's me."

"-- confident-looking, rhythmic--and handsome."

"Me again," I said. 

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