Monday, December 13, 2021

Let's Talk About Samuel

I promise that I'll talk about Peter Molyneux, the King of Mediocrity, tomorrow. 

Today, though, let's talk about Samuel. 

I was on a walk, because the weather is utterly ridiculous here for mid-December (it's 44 with no wind right now, which is Bermuda, essentially). I turned a corner and that's when I saw the squirrel. 

He was on one of the thin, whippy branches of a tree that was extending across the sidewalk at face level. 

I was only about four feet away, staring right at him, and in every case in recorded history, a squirrel in this situation runs away. Of course they do. 

Not this jamoke. This guy decided to hide vertically on the branch, assuming the role of "tree." 

Mind you, the branch was as thick as a pencil, and the squirrel was 10X as wide. Still, though, he convinced himself that it was working, absolutely frozen, staring at me. What was going through his mind: "I'm totally selling this."

"I can't see you, Samuel," I said, because I thought he deserved a name. And I took out my phone, because I wanted to get a picture for this post. 

Samuel, though, put two and two together. Why would you take a picture of something you can't see? That was enough for him to take off. 

Still, though, he put in a glorious performance.

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