Wednesday, December 08, 2021

The Time Slip

I stopped by the house yesterday to pick up mail, etc.

The walkway leading to the house was icy, and I checked and found no bags of deicing salt (or whatever it's called) in the garage. I needed to go get a bag so I could pour it on the walkway and melt the ice. 

On the way to the store, I drove past a woman who was walking her small dog. 

I got the salt and started to drive home. On my way, in the exact spot where she'd been ten minutes ago, was the same woman walking the same dog in the same direction. 

Of course, what happened was she was walking a loop and she just happened to be in the same spot again.

That's not what it feels like at the moment it happens, though. For a split-second, I had this amazing sense that time had slipped, and I'd been able to do continue doing things while she was somehow stuck.

It felt awesome, honestly--one of those moments where your brain tells you that something impossible has actually happened.

Reality returned far too soon for my taste.

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