Monday, December 20, 2021

To No One's Surprise

Eli 20.4 came home at 2:30 Thursday morning. He had wisdom teeth surgery at 9:30 a.m. I felt like this timing was sub-optimal. 

It only took 30 minutes to remove four wisdom teeth, and the surgeon said he only needed to make an incision with one of them. 

I was anticipating a 3-4 day recovery period, if there were no complications. 

I'd never cared for someone after this kind of surgery before, and it was intimidating. He was coming out of anesthesia, and the gauze had to be changed in his mouth every 30-45 minutes for almost four hours before his mouth stopped bleeding. A wrap around his face was thirty minutes on and thirty minutes off for the rest of the day. Anti-inflammatories every six hours (including 3:30 a.m.). Antibiotic three times day. 

Like I said, it was intimidating. 

Plus, have you ever tried to get 3,500 calories into someone who can't eat solid food? It was the a Rube Goldberg machine of protein shakes, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and smoothies. 

Then, given who we're dealing with, it quickly became ridiculous. He woke up Friday morning. "How's your mouth feel?" I asked. 

"Fine. There's no swelling." I looked at him, and he was right. I wouldn't have known he'd had four wisdom teeth taken out 24 hours earlier. 

Saturday. No swelling. 

Sunday. No swelling. Anti-inflammatories ramped down. He did 200 push-ups, 10 at a time, because he wasn't allowed to work out and it was driving him crazy. 

Monday. No swelling. 

I often say that he doesn't surprise me anymore. I stand corrected.

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