Thursday, February 24, 2022

Friday Links!

 Leading off this week, a fascinating read: Study finds 90 percent of medieval chivalric and heroic manuscripts have been lost.

This is quite the amazing story: How a logistics strike in ‘Foxhole’ created a war like no other.

This is both sobering and very important, especially now: Who Gets To Be A ‘Real American’ Has Always Been About Exclusion

From Wally, and it's scary: ‘Stay off train tracks’: Brightline video shows car that was cut in 2. Some of these drivers would be just fine in F1: Bangladesh vs Indonesian bus drivers | Bangladeshi bus driver skills | by bus highlights. Incredibly, I remember the original story about this in 1979 (I'm old): After 25 Years at Sea, Shipwrecked Lego Pieces Are Still Washing Ashore on Beaches in England. Here's a niche bit of WWII history: OPERATION SITTING DUCK? OBSOLETE BRITISH BIPLANES MOUNTED HISTORY’S FIRST ALL-AERIAL SHIP-TO-SHIP NAVAL ATTACK.

From C. Lee, and it's remarkable: AI Overcomes Stumbling Block on Brain-Inspired Hardware. This is an interesting bit of history: The Curious Case of Colonial India’s Breakfast Curries. And a related story: How Curry Became a Japanese Naval Tradition. What an idea: 100,000 BOTTLES OF BEER IN THE WALL. So, so bizarre: The Mysterious Chapel of Prosthetic Limbs. These are so fantastic: “Medusa-chan” lets her snakes convey her emotions in inspired illustration by Yoshioka

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