Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I Did Not Buy The Kayak

I had a hard time getting around town last Saturday because there was a race for St. Patrick's Day. 

I needed to make a stop at a local grocery store, but I couldn't get there because so many roads were blocked off. Finally, I found a side road that got me into the area behind the grocery store, and followed it around to the front. 

Every parking spot was taken. Not by grocery store customers, but by runners. And every space in the parking garage beside the grocery was filled. 

I went rogue and parked next to a kayak. This grocery store has kayaks for sake. 

I walked into the store and there was only one cashier, a grizzled woman who I believe came from Eastern Europe, based on her heavy accent. 

"I could hardly get in here today," I said. "No parking places."

"No customers," she sighed. "Today ve are ze public bathroom store."

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