Thursday, April 07, 2022

Friday Links!

This is a fascinating article on how technology is shaping war: The drone operators who halted Russian convoy headed for Kyiv.

From C. Lee, and it's concerning: Hackers Gaining Power of Subpoena Via Fake “Emergency Data Requests”. This is a terrible shame: Russia's invasion of Ukraine has destroyed a historic computer museum. An explanation of Club 8-bit (from the previous link): A Peek Into the Soviet Computer Revolution. This is fantastic, potentially: Fungus foils invading hordes of crazy ants, and that’s great for Texas. Interesting facts about a wonderful story: 10 Facts You Might Not Know About Watership Down. Implications for gaming in the future: ‘We can’t afford to lose them’: the fight to bring missing movies back. An obituary of a fine writer: Scott Bennie, writer on Interplay's Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Fallout, and others, has died. Soren is a such a legendary designer: Soren Johnson says Civ 3's bargaining table was a 'big mistake'

From DQ Story Advisor and Mini-golf Legend John Harwood, an excellent and thoughtful article: Depictions of Native Americans in Video Games

From Meg McReynolds, and it's entirely delightful: AI-generated pranks for your computer to play on you. And more: AI-generated pranks you can do at home

From Wally, and it's a terrific idea: The Library Ends Late Fees, and the Treasures Roll In. Damn it, people will believe literally anything: He Teaches Police “Witching” To Find Corpses. Experts Are Alarmed. This is an excellent read: Reflections on gaming not-Ukraine. LOTR nerd alert! 2022 Middle Earth Madness Bracket. This looks like someone's riding a suitcase: Poimo is an inflatable electric scooter that can be transported inside a backpack

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