Thursday, April 28, 2022


I lost my 108-day streak in Wordle today. Urgh. 

Dorfromantik left Early Access today (30% discount for launch), and as I've mentioned previously, it's a wonderful, relaxing game. There's a new creative mode (endlessly play), different biomes, an undo button, and lots more. Eurogamer also has a terrific interview with the four-person team who developed the game (who all seem like very nice people): The past, present and future of Dorfromantik.

The other extremely interesting game that released today is Kaiju Wars. Think "Into the Breach," but in a B-movie featuring Japanese monsters. It's incredibly stylish and an enormous amount of fun (based on the demo, which is also nice to have).

Actually, it's quite a bit more than "Into the Breach," although the combat is very similar. There's much more to the game, though. Like I said, there's a demo if you're interested. 

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