Monday, April 25, 2022

Never Reminded

Going through Gloria's CDs reminded me how much you find out about someone through their music collection. 

I talked to someone at a music store (who is going to purchase the CDs for a fraction of what they're worth, I'm sure) and he said he'd been buying used music for 37 years. What does it feel like to learn so much about people you never met? 

In the "old days," before digital content, a music collection was a big deal, be it albums or CDs. It was a constant reminder of the music you cared most about. Your books were the same way. Shelves of books were a way to understand someone, and if you went to their house and they didn't have any, that told you something, too. 

It's different now. 

I don't even have CDs anymore. I stream everything, and while the universal access is fantastic, I'm also sure I've forgotten about bands I used to listen to because I don't have a collection to go through to remind me. Books are the same way--I have about 1,500 books on my Fire tablet, but I'm never reminded of who I read, because once a book is finished, it gets moved into your "read" folder. 

It lacks a sense of permanence, at least to me. Consuming content is a fleeting thing now. 

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