Thursday, May 26, 2022

Friday Links!

Leading off, a fascinating article: How do dolphins name themselves? A study on signature whistles offers clues.

Well, this is awkward: Woman who wrote essay on 'How to Murder Your Husband' convicted of murdering her husband.

From PA Incorrect, and I prefer neither: Why you love coffee and beer.

From Wally, and these images are absolutely amazing (and terrifying): Stunning vintage photos of car wrecks from the days before seat belts and airbags, 1930s.

From C. Lee, and the Supreme Court will be coming for this, too: The Revolutionary 1965 Supreme Court Decision That Declared Sex a Private Affair. Next, and this is highly concerning: The Global Safety Net Against Hunger Is Frailer Than You Think. This is ridiculous: Report says Microsoft is censoring politically sensitive Chinese names in the US, Canada. It makes sense: Tested: Multi-gig fiber internet is too fast for your PC. I feel like this isn't something that people should need to be reminded of: Tender Hooks, Expresso, and Other Malapropisms That Will Make People Laugh at You. I would have preferred a section from Blade Runner, but this is quite poignant: R.I.P. Vanglis. An excellent read: The Korean Immigrant and Michigan Farm Boy Who Taught Americans How to Cook Chow Mein

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