Thursday, May 05, 2022


Eli 20.10 said Jordan was the favorite place he visited of all the countries he went to on break. 

They started out in Amman, which has four million people (I thought it was much smaller), then went to Wadi Rum (also called the Valley of the Moon), which is an incredibly desolate, beautiful place. Anytime film directors need footage of Mars, that's where they go. 

Here's a picture of Wadi Rum:

Another Wadi Rum picture:

Camels? Yes, camels were ridden:

They also went to Petra (voted one of the new wonders of the world), an ancient, stunning city. To get there, you walk through this slender canyon:

The buildings are enormous, and carved out of the walls:

On their last morning in Amman, they went looking for street art and found this;

Eli said everyone he met was incredibly friendly. They rode public transport the whole trip (no bus numbers, no schedules, just ask lots of questions to get information), the food was wonderful, and it couldn't have been a better trip. 

He called me from Vienna (his layover) on the way back, and finally--finally--he was exhausted. It took nine countries, me being there for a week, and a conference tournament to do it, but he ran out of gas. He said he was looking forward to sitting in a library and reading for four hours. 

Of course, two days later he was fine.

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